tim miller

director of worship ministry - OLDS

Email: mr.tim.miller123@gmail.com


When I was a child, I was lucky enough to have two loving parents, as well as an older brother who all taught me about the Bible.  One of my earliest memories of my brother was being in our bedroom, listening to him tell me that if I didn’t ‘accept Jesus into my heart’ I would one day find myself going to Hell instead of Heaven.  Now, I must have heard about the concepts of Heaven and Hell, and the basics of christian faith before then, because I don’t remember being shocked or surprised by what he was telling me.  My response to his teaching was logical to my childish mind, and came to the conclusion that of course I would ‘accept Jesus into my heart’.  I didn’t want to go to Hell after all!  Throughout the rest of my life I’ve held on to the belief that Jesus Christ has saved me from the death and torment that my own sins have earned me.  As I grew and learned more about God, I learned that being His child wasn’t as simple as acknowledging Christ as my Savior, but also required personal sacrifice and a willingness to follow Him where He lead.  This has not been easy for me to accept.  Even while spending time at Bible School studying music, I had a hard time giving up all my own plans and ideas about how life was going to go.  After all my plans had failed, and any attempt to create success for myself had crumbled, I found myself working for the family business as a house painter.  It was during this time that I started to learn that I had to be content with what I had, and to seek to honor God with any activity that I was doing, no matter how un-glamourous. 

Currently, through many unexpected twists and turns, I enjoy a life that allows me to pursue my interest in making music, and serve my God at the same time!