jesse roest

director of Men's ministry



I was that kid brought up in a Bible believing Church who ‘re-became’ a Christian every time I heard the “prayer.” I would silently repeat it to solidify my Christianity. My relationship with God is not merely a religion, it is a faith; active and dynamic. It has matured over time.

By God’s grace I was dedicated into a Christian home. My parents not only taught me how to live a Christian life through bible readings and daily prayer, they also walked the Christian walk and lived it by example. I’ve had the best Christian family and friends anyone can ask for.  I know God chose this privileged life for me so that I may be equipped to serve Him in a special way. It is now my responsibility empowered through the Holy Spirit to honour Him in all that I do.

I believe that Jesus, God’s son, was sent into the world as prophesized in the Old Testament to offer all who believe, a life after death spent with our creator. I have accepted Jesus’ free gift of salvation and have confessed that I am a weak and needy vessel in need of God’s strength daily. I am sinful. I’ve missed the mark in the passed, and I will continue to slip and fall in my future. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our loving and just God forgives when we humbly confess. I believe Jesus has given all who believe the Holy Spirit so that we may live an empowered life glorifying to God.   

Accompanied in life by my godly wife Erica and our 2-year old daughter Sawyer, we also have one on the way due in May 2018 by God’s grace. I am a secondary teacher at Bearspaw Christian School where discipleship through sports and strength training is my passion and higher calling! I desire to walk with the Lord for the rest of my days living as a reflection of Him and in every attempt modeling Christ’s example in my home and the workplace.