Craig Ware

elder | director of Prayer ministry




Even though I was born into a family that went to church every Sunday, I can’t say that I

really had a close relationship with God. I was told a lot about him and we prayed and read

the Bible at mealtimes however I didn’t do much more than that. Even though I knew lots of facts

and information about God, I never really knew him personally. That began to change when I

was in my early teens. I remember biking through a park on a beautiful summer day but far from

enjoying the day, I was terrified. I kept thinking that I was going to hell. I was sure that I wasn’t

a “Christian” but I was also unsure about what I was missing. I parked my bike and prayed that

God would forgive me for my sins. Now, I had said sorry to God before whenever I did

something wrong however I don’t think I really knew what it meant to sin against God.

When I repented of my sins that day, I began to realise what sinning against a holy

God actually meant. Now, I would love to say that after that my life was changed forever for the

better. But although I believe God began a work in my life that day, I still didn’t fully submit my

whole life to him. Throughout my teens and early twenties, I paid lip-service to God. I would try

and live a good and moral life however my heart was often more interested in sin and pleasure

than in God. Thankfully God never gave up me. I can’t say how much I love to repeat that phrase

– God never gave up on me. He patiently and lovingly pursued me, bringing people into my life

who challenged me to make a real, life-long commitment to him. To finally submit my whole life

to him. Which I ultimately did and God has been conforming me more into the image of His Son

ever since (which in my case is a slow and painful process at times).

In 2011, my amazing wife and I, along with our (then) three kids joined Harvest Bible

Chapel Calgary. In 2012 I finally answered God’s call on my life to pursue full-time ministry.

Since then I’ve been working on my Master’s of Divinity online through the Southern Baptist

Theological Seminary. In the meantime, God has blessed us with more children bringing the total

to five.

My personal testimony and my life story is one of God’s amazing grace. I certainly

don’t deserve all the blessings God has given me but I am thankful for each one. And the greatest

blessing of them all is knowing Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.