Quentin whitford


Email: qwhitford@harvestcalgarysouth.com


I was raised in the church with the best intentions. My parents brought me to Sunday school, church events, and summer camp. I learned about the Bible, I sang songs about Jesus, and I feared Satan. I was taught that I needed to “ask Jesus into my heart” seeking forgiveness and so I did continually.
At the same time pride and sinfulness began to increase and as I grew in stature my appetite for depravity evolved into many poisonous flavours. In one breath I would praise the name of the Lord but in the next I would deny him. One day I was being plunged into the waters of baptism but in the next I was plunging myself into the dark depths of the flesh. I was living between two worlds; one of “churchianity” and the other lustful self-ism. I wanted freedom but I believed the way out would cost too much, so I put on a mask and sought the lukewarm lie of the double-life. I continued to live this way right up into my marriage.
As our children came into the world I began to feel the weight of responsibility and so we started going back to church. As I tried harder to be a good Christian I held even tighter to my sin. My wife began praying for me and one day I heard from God’s Word,“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other” (Matt 6:24). The Holy Spirit convicted me deeply that I was in fact a “hater of God” (Rom 1:30) and that my sin was first and foremost against Him (Psalm 51:4). He granted me godly grief which led to repentance and salvation (2 Cor 7:10). Now I stand redeemed, forgiven, justified and declared righteous all because of the finished work of Jesus Christ. I’ve been given new desires for God, His Word, His people and the pursuit of holiness. I now fear the Lord and His Spirit continues to convict and shape me through His Word.
I treasure my precious wife Kim and my two sons Spencer and Landon and I pray that God will be most glorified in our lives together.