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Harvest Advance

So you didn't study Greek and Hebrew or go to seminary. Most of us didn't but since we, as believers, have the gracious gift of the Holy Spirit, we are still able to understand God's Word.

If you are wanting to dive deeper into your Bible study, Harvest Advance is here for you! As I mentioned this past Sunday, this is a two-year program which will offer an overview of the whole Bible, with four "semesters" lasting about 8-10 weeks. The first semester will be Biblical Hermeneutics (def. the study of the methodological principles of interpretation). We will learn about the different genres found in the Bible, allegorical vs. literal interpretation, and overall discover how to read the Bible how it was intended to be read and studied.

Harvest Advance will meet two Saturday mornings a month for approximately 90 minutes per class. 

Launch Date: Saturday, September 24th
Location: Airdrie Koinonia Christian School
Cost: $25 per person without childcare (includes book, materials, rental space, coffee/tea)
          $35 per person with childcare (includes book, materials, rental space, coffee/tea)

Find out more here.

All those interested or registered will receive an email by Wednesday, September 21st with final details including all dates for course. 

Contact Holly if you have questions. 

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