Learning More Practical Ministry

    Another week is complete and yet another week of learning. Tuesday was a great day as we worked through Revelation 3:7-13 with Pastor James. He gave us a lot of great insight as showed us how he works through a passage when he is preparing a sermon. What a privilege to sit under one of the best expositors in our country. I am learning a lot about the process of moving from explanation to illustration and application. Pastor James has a great ability in this regard. I am very excited about seeing how God uses His Word through Pastor James this weekend.

    We also had an opportunity to practice baptizing. One of the campus pastors pretended to be a person wanting to be baptized. So then we all took turns entering the tank with him and going through the process of receiving his testimony and then baptizing him. It was a great learning process as he presented different scenarios that have been seen through the years.

    We also learned about how to do hospital visitation in an effective way. In a way that is a blessing to the patient, the family and the doctors and nurses. What a blessing to think through this important aspect of the ministry. Folks that are sick and families that are mourning deserve the best possible care from their Pastor.

    We also had the opportunity to sit and observe a leadership meeting for the 5 campuses. Although this meeting is on such a larger level than I may ever see at HBC Calgary, it is very helpful to think things through how to lead a leadership team. There are many things that I have gleaned through having the opportunity to sit in on these meetings.

    In our classroom time we have been evaluating old sermons done by each of the guys in the class. This is done to think through how the sermon could have been formed better. This is a humbling but very important practice. We also discussed the structure of the sermon.

    This weekend I will have the opportunity to be with Pastor Rick on Sunday morning, learning from him and how he ministers on Sunday morning. I will also attend a small group Sunday afternoon. 

    Another great week. Praying for those who have commited to be a part of the core team. Each night as the girls go to bed we have a family prayer time and we have been praying for a different family each night. What a blessing to be a part of the body of Christ! Have a great weekend as you worship the King of Kings!