alan warnock




Alan was born in 1959 in Northern Ireland and his family immigrated to Canada when he was seven years old.  He was raised in a christian home and came to Christ at an early age.  Married to Lucinda (Cindy), he has two married children and five amazing grandchildren.  First becoming aware of the Harvest movement in 2009, he has been greatly influenced and challenged by James McDonald and other Harvest Pastors, including Pastor Trevor, who have impacted his life and motivated him to seek to rise to a higher level of worshiping, walking and working for Christ.  He was so deeply impressed by the re-emphasis on the authority of God's Word at Harvest Bible Chapel and compelled by it's great intentionality and call for God's people to live authentic, transparent and yet, holy lives.  Influenced by his Presbyterian and Baptist upbringing, he is excited by Harvest's call to be reinvigorated by a combination of a high view of scripture, worshiping in a high-impact, window-rattling, earth-shattering, life altering way.  His desire is to see many men and women come to Christ and being discipled through Small-Group Ministry at Harvest.  In addition to his role as Elder, Alan acts as Corporate Solicitor for Harvest Calgary North.